If you are interested in all the sculptures from the Reflections by Petra Cox collection, you can apply for my portfolio E-book. Please leave your E-mail adress and I will gladly send you a We-Transfer download link.

About me

"Just walk with me and I will tell you what's on my mind"


Petra is a woman showing great passion in every aspect of her life. Believing all things happen for a reason she follows her instincts in every decision that comes along. Due to her former profession as a veterinarian she learned to “see with her hands and listen with her eyes”. These unique qualities give her the capability to create her own way of sculpting. She prefers to work with residual products and parts of second-hand objects. She is able to see the beauty and possibilities of these things and give new meaning to them. By recycling waste material in her own way of sculpting she creates one of a kind sculptures.

She is always curious for new methods and ways to create her world of feelings and fascinations. Through her series Reflections she takes us into her world and invites us to be part of her most inner thoughts. Do you come along?

She hopes to inspire people to believe anything is possible, you just have to do it. "Just go for it and make it happen".